Filippo Corsini Polo Scholarship, in association with the International Federation in UK, 2019


Scholarship Description: The Filippo corsini polo scholarship is organized to support the team continuous improvement of the student interested in polo. However, the scholarship is awarded every year to students who show both the polo skills and the leadership acumen to help the team’s development.

Scholarship Provider: Prince Filippo, the heir to a noble Florentine family, was in his first year of study for the BA (Hons) International Business at the University when his life was cut short by a tragic accident in 2016. The scholarship celebrates Filippo’s life and the promise he showed, both on and off the field.

Degree Level: The Filippo Corsini Polo scholarship is to study Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree level.

The number of scholarship: two slots are available for the Filippo corsini polo scholarship.

Application Deadline:  May 19, 2019

Scholarship benefit: The Filippo corsini Polo scholarship will cover the costs of schools and Universities Polo Association affiliation worthy of £2000 per year.

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Scholarship Subject:

For Undergraduate

  • Business and Management
  • Fashion and Design
  • Film, Media and Performance
  • Liberal Art and Humanities
  • Psychotherapy and Psychology

For Postgraduate

  • Business and Management
  • Fashion and Design
  • Film, Media and Performance
  • Political and International relation
  • Psychotherapy and Psychology

National Eligibility: All nationalities

Entrance Requirements: The following criteria must be meant before applicant must be selected.

  • The Regent’s polo team is affiliated to the University of London Polo Society. It trains with and is administered by this society, but in competitive matches the team represents Regent’s as a distinct university, separate from the society and the University of London
  • The University will cover the costs of Schools and Universities Polo Association affiliation, winter and national competition entry fees and the team kit (typically £2,000 per year)
  • You will need to cover the costs of training and equipment hire (typically £1,500) as well as any overnight accommodation costs when participating in competitions
  • You must commit to a full eight-week training package each term
  • The Federation of International Polo (FIP) will bestow the title of FIP Youth Ambassador upon the successful scholars, to last for the duration of their studies. The scholars’ achievements will be reviewed upon graduation and an extension of the title considered on that basis.
  • The FIP will present the successful scholars with a badge, to be worn on the scholars’ jackets at polo events
  • The FIP will include the successful scholars’ names in the list of FIP Ambassadors, which is published on the FIP website
  • You will be responsible for coordinating the polo team’s training schedule and being the Regent’s polo representative at the University of London Polo Society
  • You will be expected to promote the polo team at events such as the annual Freshers’ Fair and help publicise sport at Regent’s – and the polo team specifically – to the student body
  • In accepting a scholarship from Regent’s University London, you will be required to sign up to our Scholars’ Charter. The Regent’s Scholars’ Charter sets out both the academic standards to which you must adhere and sets out the ambassadorial role you will take in order to positively raise the University’s profile
  • If you wish to change your chosen degree programme after enrolling at the University, the Filippo Corsini Polo Scholarship, in association with the International Federation of Polo can be transferred to your new programme within the Faculty of Business & Management or the Faculty of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences. The transfer must take place before the registration cut-off date. You must also meet any additional entry requirements relating to your new programme.

Application Procedure:

To enter the competition for the 2019/20 Filippo Corsini Polo Scholarship, in association with the International Federation of Polo, you must be holding an offer from Regent’s University London. Please submit:

  • a 500-word statement setting out your eligibility for the scholarship and what polo means to you
  • video footage of yourself playing polo
  • a reference from a registered polo club

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